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Buffalo Target Shooters Association

       Calgary, AB

BTSA Privacy Policy

Last updated: April 14, 2021


The Buffalo Target Shooters Association hosts this site and gathers only the information it requires: 

  • By law (Societies Act, Firearms legislation, etc.).
  • or to manage and run the operations, business, and membership of the association.
  • or based on requirements from the Alberta Provincial Rifle Association, our parent organization.
We do NOT sell information to third parties, nor do we share personal information with third parties. Given the sensitivity of personal information and profiles within a shooting club, we specifically block access to other members information. You will only be able to see and edit your own profile information. 

Collection, use and disclosure of personal information

The Buffalo Target Shooters Association is required to collect certain information pursuant to firearms legislation and regulations. 

From: Government of Canada - Shooting Clubs and Shooting Ranges Regulations (SOR/98-212)

14 (1) The operator of an approved shooting club shall keep records, with respect to the following users of restricted firearms or prohibited firearms, that include

(a) with respect to a member or officer of the club

(i) his or her name, address and phone number,

(ii) his or her membership card number, and

(iii) the number of his or her licence to possess firearms or, if one does not exist, his or her date of birth; and

(b) with respect to a guest of a member or officer of the club

(i) the information required in subparagraph (a)(i), and

(ii) the number of his or her licence to possess firearms, if one exists.

     (2) Every record made under subsection (1) must be maintained for at least six years.
     (3) At the chief firearms officer’s request, the operator of the approved shooting club shall submit to the chief firearms officer a report containing all or any requested part of the information described in subsection (1).

Participation of Officers, Members and their Guests

15 (1) The operator of an approved shooting club shall, on the request of a chief firearms officer, supply a written description of the participation, if any, of a current or past member or officer of the shooting club or his or her guest, in target practice or target shooting competitions within the previous five years, where subsection 67(2) of the Act applies to the member, officer or guest.

(2) The operator of an approved shooting club shall, on the request of a current or past member or officer of the shooting club or his or her guest, supply to the requestor the description referred to in subsection (1) that concerns the requestor.

One of the aspects that is part of the legislation is the use and maintenance of range sign in sheets. Each time you and your guests visit the range, you are required to use the sign in sheet, and the association maintains these records pursuant to the regulations. 

For operational reasons, we collect contact information (address, email, phone) and information about member interests (IPSC, IDPA, Steel Challenge, etc.) to be able to inform our members of events and programs of interest. We ask if our members are willing to volunteer to assist in association work and maintenance, or events. We ask if our members have achieved relevant certifications or approvals (RO certification, Range Orientation) related to our programs and range use, especially with respect to safety. We ask our members to include a photograph, which is displayed only on their membership card. 

The Buffalo Target Shooters Association will comply with all lawful requests for information made by government authorities. 

Giving consent for others

Family Administrators (Bundle Administrators) that provide information on their family members are deemed to have consented to the use of that information under this policy on their behalf.

Third-parties applications

We do not knowingly share member information with third parties. We do not sell member information to third parties. 

Video and photographic information 

The BTSA reserves the right to gather and use information from a Safety Monitoring System, photographs, and other media formats for its operational purposes. Users attending the ranges and BTSA properties will be deemed as consenting to this process.  

Questions or Concerns

We invite you to direct questions or concerns regarding this policy to Someone will respond in due course. 

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